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Business not limited by location!

Are you looking for a good idea for a lucrative business? Open a mobile restaurant! A mobile wood fired pizza oven is an innovative idea for a mobile restaurant which thanks to the quality of served food will stand out from the competition and reap profits. The nature of this mobile oven will provide you with access to the best location, whereas its original design and perfect taste of dishes will guarantee loyal customers. The mobile oven provides you with unlimited applications, which renders it a perfect source of an additional profit and helps to grow your business.

Win new customers!

Are you running a restaurant or pizzeria and looking for an idea to develop your business? A mobile pizza oven is an ideal solution which will guarantee an extra income. Enlarge your restaurant and build a garden in which guests can enjoy a delicious Italian pizza made in a wood fired oven, organize events in your area or win new customers by promoting your restaurant locally.

What about a catering business?

Are you running a catering company or considering opening one? This solution will provide your employers with a chance to serve a delicious pizza directly from a real Italian wood fired oven. The mobile oven allows to organize any sort of outdoor events, such as festivities, concerts, picnics and other.

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