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Who we are

We manufacture modern mobile wood fired ovens designed for food industry.

As a new and ambitious company, founded in 2012 in Cracow (Poland), we wish to become a European leader as a manufacturer of an innovative solution for mobile gastronomy.

Our flagship, a mobile wood fired oven, is an innovative product made with utmost care with regards to quality and aesthetics. Our product is functional, safe and easy to use.

Innovations that change the market

Our achievements prove the innovativeness and high potential of the mobile solution we propose. Our clients who use the mobile oven in their business stand out from the crowd, which translates into increased profits. It encourages us to work harder and develop our product which can help our clients to create and improve their innovative business.

Past distributions

Our product has been shipped to many countries worldwide including EU countries, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Switzerland, Rep. of South Africa, Australia.



The wood fired oven trailer has recieved an international safety approval as well as an ISSA certification.

We are looking forward to doing business with you.

Mobile Ovens Team
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